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At ZoZoBaking we want to share with you our passion for Iranian pastries and art of incomparable quality and taste. Our mission is to find and provide to you Iran's finest and most extraordinary handmade art and to offer pastries that are made in small batches with highest quality ingredients and are rooted in our family recipes.

We hope you enjoy and are inspired by the finds of these pages, here is what might interests you:

  • Authentic Persian pastries to celebrate everyday life
  • Handcrafted traditional pottery kitchenware to experience the rich history and culture
  • Exclusive handmade textiles from the talented Parivash at Sahba Design 
  • Aromatic herbal tea blends and home remedies or as we say in Farsi Dam-noosh to relax your mind and body
  • Exotic Iranian spices for delicious and mouthwatering Middle Eastern cooking
  • Seasonal and delicate jams made with locally grown fresh fruits
  • Persian Baking Made Easy a new series of virtual baking classes teaching you how easy and fun is this art of incomparable taste and flavors. 

Celebrate Mother's Day 

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"Bake with Me"

I approach baking as an art, treating each cookie and pastry like pieces for a sculptural collage. Baking is about following a recipe, yet it is not, it's about fresh and quality ingredients and yet, that isn't enough either. I believe great baking is about having the right attitude and having fun.

It's my joy to share my baking experience with you. I hope that you enjoy and have fun!

I write a weekly blog in both Farsi and English and I invite you to sign up to receive the recipes automatically, so you won't miss any.

Halva is Halva or Halwa is a soft Middle-eastern confection. There are many different types of Halva made from different flour from sesame seed flours to rice and wheat. 
In Iran, it’s customary to make Halva to honor a deceased loved one. 
Today I made a wheat Halva, a mix of flour, sugar, oil, perfumed with rosewater and saffron, and decorated with crushed pistachios & rose petals. 
It’s super easy and comes together in no time. It’s so delicious with a cup of cardamom tea. 

Recipe is coming to the blog soon



Last week, I baked this honey yogurt cake with a scent of cardamom. A moist, dense, and sugar-free cake perfect for your afternoon tea. Click here for the recipe.




We loved everything- from the careful, delicate, and beautiful packaging to the perfect and most pleasant scents and savour.
— Sara J.