Our Friends say this about us

There is a little sign in my office that says, “ Love people. Cook them tasty food.” This is how your posts always make me feel- that by sharing the food of your culture, the world is drawn a little closer together.
— Susan Dobbyn
I’ve ordered pastries from the Zozo Baking website, and it’s a seamless process. I’m always impressed with the pastries that Fariba khanoom creates and you can really taste the love puts into every single one. Luckily she now ships to Canada so I’ll be placing more orders in the future!
— Zarene Sepehri
I couldn’t wait to get home today to open your box of goodies, and OH, what a delightful surprise it was! I loved everything that I ordered, the simple, yet pretty wrapping and the beautiful turquoise stones every bundle...the smell of cookies, and the cumin was delightful to say the very least.
— Jacklin Bejan 1/10/18
Today I ate my last cookie from my order. I must say they were all amazing. So much love and care, the packaging was done to perfection, not even one cookie was cracked.
— Shirin N. 1/6/18
Today, I hosted a “tea party” for some members of my choir. One arrived at the door holding the box from ZoZobaking that had just been delivered. We opened it up together, to the “oohs” and “ahhhs” of all. The cookies were meticulously individually wrapped and were little works of art. To top it off, they were delicious. Thanks for making my hostessing memorable to all.
— Nancy Jalber
So amazing from start to finish! The customer service first off is impeccable. The packaging is so pretty! And the quince jam is the BEST! You are the only other person I have ever met in my life that can replicate when my mom would make this jam at home. This is such a treat. Thank you so much I will definitely be ordering from you again.
— Michelle Honey
The apricot jam is perfect, not too sweet, and the flavor is beautiful.
— Vicki L. Kammerer
Beautiful packaging, fresh pastries with minimum amount of sugar used that make you feel happy and healthy
— Iman Eskandari
Your baklava comes with intensity of nuts, followed by gorgeous aroma of rose, cardamom, and cloves
— Harue Sato
The taste and the texture of the cookies are awesome, it’s obvious that they are made fresh.
— Shadi Kh
Your cookies make me smile and remind me of Iran
— Mahboobeh
Every cookie was wrapped individually and each box was ribboned beautifully.
— Mahb Oobeh
I didn’t know it was possible to find such a delicious assortment of pastries baked with flavor, no sugar- what a gift for the palate
— Donna Clark
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