Espand or Esphand/ اسپند is a plant that grows in the arid regions of Iran, Afghanistan, Tajikistan, Pakistan and India. ‌‌

Burning espand seeds is a ritual to overcome evil and ignorance represented by darkness & to sanitize the air; it is rooted back to Zorostarian times in Persia.  It is believed that when you burn the seeds, you circle it around a person's head or around the house.

With this kit, you get a beautiful box with colored espand & a copper tool to burn the seeds. This a great gift for those interested in discovering Persian culture or for your own home. 

Instruction: The method of using espand is to heat up the handheld container or censer over a flame and place it on espand. As the espand seeds burns, it pops and crackles producing an aromatic smoke that adds to the mystique.

Care instruction: it is normal for the copper to change color upon reaching certain temperature and over time.

Net weight: 2oz

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