Winter solstice

Every year I find myself excited, happy and in love with Christmas & the tradition of giving!! A raised Muslim loving a Christian tradition?  Yes, you can say that & I realize that I love all traditions...Chinese New Years, Jewish Holidays, Persian New Years :)

So as my place is decorated for Christmas with lights outside & a little Christmas tree inside, I celebrate Yalda! What is Yalda you might ask?

The celebration of the longest night of the year in Iranian culture. A night where families gather around what is called Korsi (A Korsi is a type of low table found in Iran, with a heater underneath it, and blankets thrown over it. It is a traditional furniture of Iranian culture.)  & enjoy the last remaining of summer fruits, nuts & pomegranates! I baked a fruit cake with lots of dried fruit (apricot, cherry, cranberry, raisin) nuts & dates remembering Yalda nights in Iran & celebrating Christmas!  

Happy Yalda & Merry Christmas to all you wonderful people!