Baking to me...


مادر و من is very therapeutic. It’s through baking that I express my joy, love and passion for life, family & friends. If I’m sad, happy or simply miss my family, I find myself in the kitchen looking through my mom’s old recipes or coming up with my own. My grandma, my mom and my niece are my true inspiration. I treasure my childhood memories of my grandma’s kitchen where the oven was an old oil-burning one to my mom’s kitchen in Bam where I watched mom bake our birthday cakes, Norouz cookies and my dad’s favorite coffee cake.

One of my fondest childhood memory is where I would watch mom bake a cake and my brother, my sister and I would fight over the remaining cake batter in the dish; begging mom to stop pouring the whole batter in the baking dish and leave some for us…and then licking the spoon was so much fun :)

My ultimate dream is to put all of our recipes (my grandma, my mom & my own) together and one day publish the book!

Until then, I enjoy sharing my recipes and my baking experiences with you :)

Happy Baking