My Persian Wedding

I can't believe that I haven't talked to you since Mehregan. I've been super busy baking and baking and getting married ;) I finally said yes to the most amazing man and we celebrated it with my close friends and family in our backyard.

Unlike most Persian weddings, ours was very simple. Mom and I baked all the Persian pastries, baklava, rice cookies ( nane-berengi), chickpea cookies (nane-nokhodchi), & coconut diamonds ( loz nargili). We also baked lots and lots of coconut meringue for the wedding favors.  And finally, I baked the cakes; everyone thought I was crazy to bake my own wedding be honest with you, there were moments that I thought that too, but it was so worth it and I had a blast. 

Personally, I prefer smaller cakes with simple decorations and that's what I created. Choosing the flavor was easy as Bill loves chocolate and I love berries. For the chocolate lovers, I made two dark chocolate cakes; soaked the layers in a rum syrup and decorated with chocolate buttercream frosting, and the result was a super moist, rich, and chocolatey cake.  I secretly spent a little more time on the other one ;), I made a six layer cake; three layers of golden chiffon, a layer of pistachio cake, with berry puree inserts, and topped with lemon mousse.  When we cut the cake, we happened to cut the chocolate one, and I didn't get to taste the berry one :( but I heard it was good.

And of course the wedding wouldn't be complete without having two food bloggers by my side :) my dear friend Coco from Coco in the kitchen and my talented and lovely niece Mahroo from Noghlemey. Mahroo's love, support, and friendship was exactly what I needed during those days. She was truly amazing; waking up at 4am to buy flowers at downtown LA, doing everyone's hair & make up including mine (don't you think she did a great job?), and keeping me sane and smiling. She did it all, and I'm so lucky to have her in my life. 



Now that the wedding is behind me, I'm ready to put all my energy back at ZoZo. I'm starting a long month series of recipes with cranberries to get us ready for my favorite holiday; Thanksgiving.

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Love to you all & happy baking season :)