Mother's Day Strawberry Mint Tartlets


Mother’s day was last Sunday and I had all the intention of posting this recipe a week before that, but I've been having some health issues and taking care of all the orders made it impossible. But as they say better late than never ..right?

Strawberries are a great reminder that summer is coming. This is a perfect time to make strawberry desserts, specially that my garden is filled with fresh mints that mom planted two years ago when she was here.  I decided to make strawberry mint tartlets.  Strawberries with their bright colors and rich flavors pair perfectly with crunchy vanilla tart shells, making each bit a delight to savor.  

Here are a few things about the recipe:


For the tart shells, I used a classic pâte sucrée that I had used to make the Honey Poached Pear Tarts .  I would recommend making the shells a day before. The recipe will give you about six tartlets, but if you need more just double the recipe.

For the strawberry mix, you need about 800g of strawberries to make the fresh strawberry puree. I had a little bit extra that I saved for making shakes for breakfast. Wash and clean the strawberries, place in the food processor and pulse until you have a smooth liquid mix, no worries if there are some lumps.  

Some of you have asked where to find gelatin sheets, I buy them from speciality stores like KakeKreation

or Amazon.   

To bloom gelatin you need a large bowl of iced cold water, break the sheets and merge them into water, ensuring the water would cover the gelatins. Let it stay for about 10 minutes until  gelatin sheets are soft, squeeze the excess water and add to the mixture.

If you don't have gelatin sheets, no worries you can use gelatin powder that you can find in the grocery stores. For this recipe, you can use 1 envelop of gelatin + 1 tsp to replace the 4 gelatin sheets. Dissolve the gelatin in 1/4 cup cold water and then use.  Whether you use powder or sheets, you should always use cold water to dissolve gelatin. 

If you're interested in more detail information on gelatin, the amazing David Lebovits has a blog post on gelatin that I recommend you read.



Strawberry Mint Tartlets 

Yield: 6 tartlets                                                                  Bake time: 30 minutes 

Ingredients for the strawberry mint mix:

  • 500g strawberry puree (about 800g strawberries)

  • 40g lemon juice (half a lemon)

  • 10-12 fresh mint leaves

  • 3 large eggs

  • 85 g unsalted butter, melted and cooled

  • 175 g sugar

  • 4 gelatin sheets (1 envelop of gelatin powder + 1 tsp)

  • pinch of salt


1. In a medium sauce pan, mix together strawberry puree, lemon juice, mint leaves, butter and sugar. Once well mixed, add eggs one at a time and mix. 

2. Bloom the gelatin sheets as described above and set aside. 

3. Place the sauce pan on medium to low heat and stir constantly until the thermometer reads 181°F , this will take about 10 minutes, be patient and don't let the mixture boil. 

4. Remove the mixture from the heat and let it cool for 10 minutes, then add the bloom gelatin and mix. 

5. Have your tart shells ready & use a ladle to pour the mixture into the tart shells. Place the tartlets in the fridge over night and serve the next day. 

7. Decorate the tartlets with strawberries, raspberries, and few mint leaves.


They're best if use right away, but I've kept them in the fridge for a week covering them with plastic wrap.

Hope you enjoy this recipe and find it useful during summer. You can watch me making this recipe on my Instagram highlights.