How to make the best meringue ?

Meringue topping adds a beautiful touch to many of classic pies and tarts. I love a feathery and light meringue on top of a banana cream pie or a lemon meringue tart...who doesn't..right? But did you know that the secret of making the perfect meringue lies in just a few basic rule? 

  • Ensure that you whisk attachment, and your dish are grease free. Even the slightest hint of grease can ruin beaten egg whites. Before making meringue, be sure the bowl and beaters are super clean and completely dry. 
  • Separate the egg whites from the yolk 24 hours in advance. Aged egg whites give you more volume.
  • Start beating the egg whites at low speed and gradually increase the speed. 

Hope these tips help you make the perfect meringue for your baking needs.