How to Choose the Best Pie Dish?

I recently read a really good article on techniques used to bake a tasty pie and I thought of sharing my findings with you. Have you wonder if the pie dish makes a difference in baking a flaky and golden crust? Here is a little info that I think it’s beneficial to decide which one to use


Glass pie plates like Pyrex are very popular. The glass conducts heat evenly so the bottom of your crust bakes evenly. Just remember when you bake in the glass plate, you don’t need to grease your pan.


Just like glass plates, ceramic plates conduct heat well but you can’t see through the glass to see if your crust is browning


First of all, get one with a dull finish rather than a shiny one. And if you’re using a disposable aluminum pie plate, double up so that the plate stands up to the weight of the pie