Berry Delights

I personally have a very hard time throwing out leftover cakes and pastries. Every time, I have old pastries, leftover cake layers or pieces, I put them in a freezer bag, write the date and freeze them. Sometimes I forget them ;) but last week I had some downtime and had decided to clean my freezer and boy I'm glad I did.

Have you cleaned your freezer lately? if your answer is no, you will be surprised what you might find ;) my discovery was a good one. I've found a layer of a strawberry cake that I had baked for a birthday (picture below) and a banana bread loaf that the top was slightly burnt and mom shaved the burnt parts and saved the rest.

On one hand, I have the leftover cakes and on the hand I have lots of berries. Even though these days Los Angeles is cloudy and a little bit cold, but summer fruits are here so colorful and so happy. I can't resist the fresh and juicy blueberries and raspberries and I buy lots and lots of them. 

One more thing, my beautiful dessert glasses have arrived from Crate and Barrel and I couldn't wait to use them. They're just perfect for this dessert, but you can use any glasses that you have 

What to do with leftover pastries or cake crumbs? 

If you have leftover pastries or cake crumbs place them in a baking tray and toast them in the oven at 250°F for about 30-40 minutes or until they're completely dry. Once cooled, place them in a plastic bag and crush them lightly with the tip of your rolling pin or use a food processor.

You can use them:

  1. Make cheesecake crust instead of using Graham crackers
  2. Sprinkle on your ice cream; the crunchy pieces of cakes add lots of flavor and deliciousness to your ice cream me, I've tried it ;)

If you have an extra layer of a cake, make this easy, light, and scrumptious dessert in no time. A delicious dessert that can top off any meal with layers of cakes, berries, and velvety cream. 

Berry Delight

Serves: 4 | Time: 30 minutes


  • 227g (8oz) Cream cheese; room temperature
  • 1/2 cup heavy cream 
  • 1/4 cup powdered sugar; sifted 
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla 
  • Zest of an orange 
  • 6-10 pieces of cake cut-outs or leftover cookies, pastries (Just use a round cookie cutter to cut small pieces of the cake) 
  • 2 pints of raspberries and blueberries 
  • Fresh mint leaves and few strawberries


  1. In a small bowl and using a hand-held mixer, cream the cream cheese until soft and smooth, slowly add the heavy cream & vanilla and mix well. Add powdered sugar and mix unit it's creamy, no lumps. If the mixture is too thick add a little milk. And finally add the orange zest and mix. 
  2. To assemble, have the berries, cake pieces, and the cream cheese mixture ready. Start by filling the glass with the mixture of cream cheese, add a piece of cake, then a layer of berries. Repeat the steps until you reach the top of the glass, garnish with strawberries and fresh mint leaves.