Tehran, a Taste of Persia

Tehran, a Taste of Persia


With this beautifully wrapped box, you get a selection of eight different pastries + our brand new addition of cranberry and pistachios Kolompeh.

A perfect gift idea for introducing your friends to Persian pastries or just treating yourself to the unique taste of Persia.

This box contains: 1. original Kolompeh / walnut date filled cookies 2. Qhotab /walnut mini hand pies 3. Nane-gerdooi / walnut meringue 4. Haj-pesteh / crunchy pistachio balls 5. Loz Nargil / coconut diamonds 6. Nane-Berneji / rice cookies 7. Tut / Persian marizpan mullberries 8. Nane-Zanjibil / ginger cookies 9. Ashraf Kolompeh / Cranberry & pistachio cardamom Kolompeh

Net weight: 180g

contains: flour, almonds, pistachios, walnuts

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