So amazing from start to finish! The customer service first off is impeccable. The packaging is so pretty! And the quince jam is the BEST! You are the only other person I have ever met in my life that can replicate when my mom would make this jam at home. This is such a treat. Thank you so much I will definitely be ordering from you again.
— Michelle Honey
The apricot jam is perfect, not too sweet, and the flavor is beautiful.
— Vicki L. Kammerer
Beautiful packaging, fresh pastries with minimum amount of sugar used that make you feel happy and healthy
— Iman Eskandari
Your baklava comes with intensity of nuts, followed by gorgeous aroma of rose, cardamom, and cloves
— Harue Sato
The taste and the texture of the cookies are awesome, it’s obvious that they are made fresh.
— Shadi Kh
Your cookies make me smile and remind me of Iran
— Mahboobeh
Every cookie was wrapped individually and each box was ribboned beautifully.
— Mahb Oobeh
I didn’t know it was possible to find such a delicious assortment of pastries baked with flavor, no sugar- what a gift for the palate
— Donna Clark
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